Tuna is a remake of Tunez.

Its main purpose is web-based managing, voting and playing of MP3 file collections.

Version 0.5 is the first really usable release with music browsing and playing.

How does it work?

Imagine you have a disk full of MP3s, and you want a comfortable way to decide which files to play. Perhaps you want to share the decision with some others on your local network.

So you set up a tuna server on the machine with your MP3 collection. Your files are indexed, and their meta information (like title, album, playing time, bitrate and so on) is put in a database for quick access. Then the MP3 player is constantly fed with MP3s from the top of the queue.

Other people can login using their web browser and select their favorite songs into the queue. This can be real fun in an office, a flat share or at a LAN party.

Open Source

The tuna source code is licensed under GPL. You can download it from Sourceforge and also take a look at the development version in the CVS tree.