Change Log

2002-12-25 Release 0.5
Browsing by artist, album and title.
Track queue (playlist).
Automatic track spawning (no daemon needed).
Statistics: tracks played lately or often.
2002-12-16 Release 0.4
Meta information scanning with GetID3.
Fuzzy search in meta data.
2002-12-14 Release 0.3
Multi-user administration with permissions.
Rapid file scanning (2000 files per second).
2002-12-10 Release 0.2
Log in works.
2002-12-08 Release 0.1.1
Now tested and supported on Windows.
No longer relies on PHP option register_globals.
2002-12-07 Release 0.1
Very early initial release.
Only basic configuration so far.
2002-12-05 Started from scratch, inspired by Tunez.